Name Type Access Description
accel str r/w the accelerator, in the format understood by Gtk.accelerator_parse(). Or None.
action_name str r/w the action name.
icon_name str r/w the icon name, or None.
label str r/w the label (i.e. a short description) with a mnemonic, or None.
padding [object] r  
tooltip str r/w the tooltip (i.e. a long description), or None.




class Amtk.ActionInfoEntry

This struct defines a set of information for a single action. It is for use with Amtk.ActionInfoStore.add_entries().

Like Gio.ActionEntry, it is permissible to use an incomplete initialiser in order to leave some of the later values as None. Additional optional fields may be added in the future.

New in version 2.0.