EventListener (obj)
  EventListenerInit ()
  FocusHandler (object, focus_in)
  Function (*user_data)
  KeySnoopFunc (event, *user_data)
  PropertyChangeHandler (obj, vals)


Parameters:obj (Atk.Object) – An Atk.Object instance for whom the callback will be called when the specified event (e.g. ‘focus:’) takes place.

A function which is called when an object emits a matching event, as used in #atk_add_focus_tracker. Currently the only events for which object-specific handlers are supported are events of type “focus:”. Most clients of ATK will prefer to attach signal handlers for the various ATK signals instead.

see atk_add_focus_tracker.


An Atk.EventListenerInit function is a special function that is called in order to initialize the per-object event registration system used by Atk.EventListener, if any preparation is required.

see atk_focus_tracker_init.

Atk.FocusHandler(object, focus_in)

The type of callback function used for atk_component_add_focus_handler() and Atk.Component.remove_focus_handler()

Deprecated since version 2.9.4: Deprecated with atk_component_add_focus_handler() and Atk.Component.remove_focus_handler(). See those methods for more information.

Parameters:user_data (object or None) – custom data defined by the user
Returns:not used
Return type:bool

An Atk.Function is a function definition used for padding which has been added to class and interface structures to allow for expansion in the future.

Atk.KeySnoopFunc(event, *user_data)
  • event (Atk.KeyEventStruct) – an Atk.KeyEventStruct containing information about the key event for which notification is being given.
  • user_data (object or None) – a block of data which will be passed to the event listener, on notification.

True (nonzero) if the event emission should be stopped and the event discarded without being passed to the normal GUI recipient; False (zero) if the event dispatch to the client application should proceed as normal.

see atk_add_key_event_listener.

Return type:


An Atk.KeySnoopFunc is a type of callback which is called whenever a key event occurs, if registered via atk_add_key_event_listener. It allows for pre-emptive interception of key events via the return code as described below.

Atk.PropertyChangeHandler(obj, vals)

An Atk.PropertyChangeHandler is a function which is executed when an Atk.Object’s property changes value. It is specified in a call to atk_object_connect_property_change_handler().

Deprecated since version 2.12.