class Budgie.PanelAction(value)

Bases: GObject.GFlags

Budgie.PanelAction’s are bitwise OR’d so that a Budgie.Applet may expose the actions that it supports, when the panel is interacted with in a global fashion (such as via the D-BUS API)

NONE = 1
MENU = 2

Invoke the menu action

MAX = 4
class Budgie.PanelPosition(value)

Bases: GObject.GFlags

Each applet lives on a unique panel which can live on any one of the 4 screen edges. Internally this is represented with a bitmask to enable efficient screen management.

NONE = 1

No position is yet assigned

RIGHT = 16

The right edge has been assigned


The bottom edge has been assigned

TOP = 4

The top edge has been assigned

LEFT = 8

The left edge has been assigned