Name Type Access Description
child object r/w  
display_name str r/w  
flags Camel.FolderInfoFlags r/w  
full_name str r/w  
next object r/w  
parent object r/w  
total int r/w  
unread int r/w  


class build (folders, namespace_, separator, short_names)
class new ()
  clone ()
  free ()


class Camel.FolderInfo
classmethod build(folders, namespace_, separator, short_names)
  • folders ([Camel.FolderInfo]) – an array of Camel.FolderInfo
  • namespace (str) – an ignorable prefix on the folder names
  • separator (int) – the hieararchy separator character
  • short_names (bool) – True if the (short) name of a folder is the Camel.part after the last separator in the full name. False if it is the full name.

the top level of the tree of linked folder info.

Return type:


This takes an array of folders and attaches them together according to the hierarchy described by their full_names and separator. If namespace_ is non-None, then it will be ignored as a full_name prefix, for purposes of comparison. If necessary, will create additional Camel.FolderInfo with None urls to fill in gaps in the tree. The value of short_names is used in constructing the names of these intermediate folders.

classmethod new()
Returns:a new Camel.FolderInfo instance
Return type:Camel.FolderInfo

Allocates a new Camel.FolderInfo instance. Free it with

New in version 2.22.

Returns:the cloned Camel.FolderInfo tree.
Return type:Camel.FolderInfo

Clones self recursively.


Frees self.