disable_event_retrieval ()
  get_default_display ()
  get_stage_from_window (window)
  get_stage_window (stage)
  get_visual ()
  handle_event (event)
  set_display (display)
  set_stage_foreign (stage, window)



Disable the event retrieval in Clutter.

Callers of this function have to set up an event filter using the GDK API, and call ClutterGdk.handle_event().

This function should only be used when embedding Clutter into a GDK based toolkit.

New in version 1.10.

Returns:the default display
Return type:Gdk.Display

Retrieves the pointer to the default display.

New in version 0.6.

Parameters:window (Gdk.Window) – a #GtkWindow
Returns:A Clutter.Stage, or% None if a stage does not exist for the window
Return type:Clutter.Stage

Gets the stage for a particular X window.

New in version 1.10.

Parameters:stage (Clutter.Stage) – a Clutter.Stage
Returns:A Gdk.Window for the stage window.
Return type:Gdk.Window

Gets the stages Gdk.Window.

New in version 1.10.

Returns:a Gdk.Visual instance
Return type:Gdk.Visual

Retrieves the Gdk.Visual used by Clutter.

This function should be used when embedding Clutter inside GDK-based foreign toolkits, to ensure that the visual applied to the Gdk.Window used to render the Clutter.Stage is the correct one.

New in version 1.22.

Parameters:event (Gdk.Event) – a Gdk.Event
Returns:Gdk.FilterReturn. Gdk.FilterReturn.REMOVE indicates that Clutter has internally handled the event and the caller should do no further processing. Gdk.FilterReturn.CONTINUE indicates that Clutter is either not interested in the event, or has used the event to update internal state without taking any exclusive action. Gdk.FilterReturn.TRANSLATE will not occur.
Return type:Gdk.FilterReturn

This function processes a single GDK event; it can be used to hook into external event processing

Parameters:display (Gdk.Display) – pointer to a GDK display connection.

Sets the display connection Clutter should use; must be called before Clutter.init(), Clutter.init_with_args() or other functions pertaining Clutter’s initialization process.

If you are parsing the command line arguments by retrieving Clutter’s GLib.OptionGroup with clutter_get_option_group() and calling GLib.OptionContext.parse() yourself, you should also call ClutterGdk.set_display() before GLib.OptionContext.parse().

New in version 0.8.

ClutterGdk.set_stage_foreign(stage, window)

True if foreign window is valid

Return type:


Target the Clutter.Stage to use an existing external Gdk.Window

New in version 1.10.