application_window_bind_sidebar_and_notebook (sidebar, notebook)
  finalize ()
  init ()
  link_type_to_string (link_type)


Devhelp.application_window_bind_sidebar_and_notebook(sidebar, notebook)

Binds sidebar and notebook:

You need to call this function when the Devhelp.Notebook is empty, i.e. before adding the first Devhelp.Tab.

Note that this function doesn’t take a “self” window parameter, to be more flexible: it is possible to have several pairs of Devhelp.Sidebar/Devhelp.Notebook per window, to show different Devhelp.Profile’s.

New in version 3.30.


Free the resources allocated by Devhelp. For example it unrefs the singleton objects.

It is not mandatory to call this function, it’s just to be friendlier to memory debugging tools. This function is meant to be called at the end of main(). It can be called several times.

New in version 3.26.


Initializes the Devhelp library (e.g. for the internationalization).

This function can be called several times, but is meant to be called at the beginning of main(), before any other Devhelp function call.

Parameters:link_type (Devhelp.LinkType) – a Devhelp.LinkType.
Returns:a string representation of the Devhelp.LinkType, translated in the current language.
Return type:str