Name Type Access Description
extra str r/w any extra data associated with the component
object str r/w the component string
rid str r/w the Recurrence-ID of this component
uid str r/w the UID of this component


class free (ptr)
class new (uid, rid, object, extra)
  copy ()


class EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData

This structure is used to represent components returned by the EDataCal.CalCache from various functions such as EDataCal.CalCache.search().

The extra parameter will contain any data which was previously passed for this component in EDataCal.CalCache.put_component() or set with EDataCal.CalCache.set_component_extra().

These should be freed with EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData.free().

New in version 3.26.

classmethod free(ptr)
Parameters:ptr (object or None) – an EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData

Frees the ptr structure, previously allocated with EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData.new() or EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData.copy().

New in version 3.26.

classmethod new(uid, rid, object, extra)
  • uid (str) – a component UID; cannot be None
  • rid (str or None) – a component Recurrence-ID; can be None
  • object (str) – the component as an iCal string; cannot be None
  • extra (str or None) – any extra data stored with the component, or None

A new EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData. Free it with EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData.free() when no longer needed.

Return type:


Creates a new EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData prefilled with the given values.

New in version 3.26.

Returns:Copy of the given self. Free it with EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData.free() when no longer needed. If the self is None, then returns None as well.
Return type:EDataCal.CalCacheSearchData

New in version 3.26.