Name Type Access Description
append_SI bool r/w append an SI unit.
appended_SI_unit str r/w the SI unit to append.
automatic_denominator bool r/w use an automatic denominator for fractions.
currency GOffice.FormatCurrency r/w GOffice.FormatCurrency.
denominator int r/w fixed denominator.
denominator_max_digits int r/w minimum digits number for the denominator.
denominator_min_digits int r/w minimum digits number for the denominator.
expansion [int] r  
exponent_digits int r/w digits number in exponent.
exponent_sign_forced bool r/w whether the sign in the exponent is always shown.
exponent_step int r/w steps between allowed exponents in scientific notation.
family GOffice.FormatFamily r/w GOffice.FormatFamily.
force_quoted bool r/w force quotes use.
magic GOffice.FormatMagic r/w GOffice.FormatMagic.
min_digits int r/w minimum digits number.
negative_paren bool r/w uses parenthersis around negative numbers.
negative_red bool r/w display negative number using red ink.
num_decimals int r/w decimals number.
numerator_min_digits int r/w minimum digits number for the numerator.
pi_scale bool r/w use multiples of pi for fractions, e.g. 1/2*pi.
ref_count int r  
scale int r/w scale.
simplify_mantissa bool r/w simplify the mantissa.
split_fraction bool r/w split the fraction.
thousands_sep bool r/w thousands separator.
use_markup bool r/w whether to use a markup.


class new (family)
  finalize ()
  free ()
  init (family)


class GOffice.FormatDetails
classmethod new(family)
Parameters:family (GOffice.FormatFamily) –
Return type:GOffice.FormatDetails
Parameters:family (GOffice.FormatFamily) –