Name Type Access Description
auto_color bool r/w color is automatic.
auto_dash bool r/w automatic dash type.
auto_fore bool r/w fore is automatic.
auto_width bool r/w automatic width
cap cairo.LineCap r/w cap style.
color int r/w color is used as background for compatibility (pattern == 0 means filled with background color).
dash_type GOffice.LineDashType r/w GOffice.LineDashType.
fore int r/w second color used for patterned lines.
join cairo.LineJoin r/w join style.
miter_limit float r/w mitter limit.
pattern GOffice.PatternType r/w pattern.
width float r/w line width: <0 == no line, =0 == hairline : unscaled, minimum useful (can be bigger than visible) size. >0 in pts.




class GOffice.StyleLine