Name Type Access Description
group int r/w the keyboard group.
hardware_keycode int r/w the raw code of the key that was pressed or released.
is_modifier int r/w a flag that indicates if hardware_keycode is mapped to a modifier.
keyval int r/w the key that was pressed or released. See the gdk/gdkkeysyms.h header file for a complete list of GDK key codes.
length int r/w the length of string.
send_event int r/w True if the event was sent explicitly.
state Gdk.ModifierType r/w a bit-mask representing the state of the modifier keys (e.g. Control, Shift and Alt) and the pointer buttons. See Gdk.ModifierType.
string str r/w a string containing an approximation of the text that would result from this keypress. The only correct way to handle text input of text is using input methods (see #GtkIMContext), so this field is deprecated and should never be used. (Gdk.unicode_to_keyval() provides a non-deprecated way of getting an approximate translation for a key.) The string is encoded in the encoding of the current locale (Note: this for backwards compatibility: strings in GTK+ and GDK are typically in UTF-8.) and NUL-terminated. In some cases, the translation of the key code will be a single NUL byte, in which case looking at length is necessary to distinguish it from the an empty translation.
time int r/w the time of the event in milliseconds.
type Gdk.EventType r/w the type of the event (Gdk.EventType.KEY_PRESS or Gdk.EventType.KEY_RELEASE).
window Gdk.Window r/w the window which received the event.




class Gdk.EventKey

Describes a key press or key release event.