Name Type Access Description
address Gio.SocketAddress r/w a Gio.SocketAddress, or None
bytes_sent int r/w initialize to 0. Will be set to the number of bytes that have been sent
control_messages [Gio.SocketControlMessage] r/w a pointer to an array of Gio.SocketControlMessages, or None.
num_control_messages int r/w number of elements in control_messages.
num_vectors int r/w the number of output vectors pointed to by vectors.
vectors Gio.OutputVector r/w pointer to an array of output vectors




class Gio.OutputMessage

Structure used for scatter/gather data output when sending multiple messages or packets in one go. You generally pass in an array of Gio.OutputVectors and the operation will use all the buffers as if they were one buffer.

If address is None then the message is sent to the default receiver (as previously set by Gio.Socket.connect()).

New in version 2.44.