free ()
  is_passthrough ()
  samples (in_, out, samples)


class GstAudio.AudioChannelMixer

Free memory allocated by self.

Returns:True is self is passthrough.
Return type:bool

Check if self is in passthrough.

Only N x N mix identity matrices are considered passthrough, this is determined by comparing the contents of the matrix with 0.0 and 1.0.

As this is floating point comparisons, if the values have been generated, they should be rounded up or down by explicit assignment of 0.0 or 1.0 to values within a user-defined epsilon, this code doesn’t make assumptions as to what may constitute an appropriate epsilon.

samples(in_, out, samples)[source]
  • in (object or None) – input samples
  • out (object or None) – output samples
  • samples (int) – number of samples

In case the samples are interleaved, in and out must point to an array with a single element pointing to a block of interleaved samples.

If non-interleaved samples are used, in and out must point to an array with pointers to memory blocks, one for each channel.

Perform channel mixing on in_data and write the result to out_data. in_data and out_data need to be in format and layout.