Name Type Access Description
info GstAudio.AudioInfo r/w the audio properties of the buffer
meta Gst.Meta r/w parent Gst.Meta
offsets int r/w the offsets (in bytes) where each channel plane starts in the buffer or None if the buffer has interleaved layout; if not None, this is guaranteed to be an array of info.channels elements
priv_offsets_arr [int] r  
samples int r/w the number of valid samples in the buffer


class get_info ()


class GstAudio.AudioMeta

GstAudio.AudioDownmixMeta defines an audio downmix matrix to be send along with audio buffers. These functions in this module help to create and attach the meta as well as extracting it.

New in version 1.16.

classmethod get_info()[source]
Return type:Gst.MetaInfo