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Inherited:Gst.Element (3), Gst.Object (1), GObject.Object (1)
Name Type Access Description
element GstAudio.AudioBaseSink r  
thread GLib.Thread r  

Class Details

class GstAudio.AudioSink(**kwargs)

This is the most simple base class for audio sinks that only requires subclasses to implement a set of simple functions:

  • open() :Open the device.
  • prepare() :Configure the device with the specified format.
  • write() :Write samples to the device.
  • reset() :Unblock writes and flush the device.
  • delay() :Get the number of samples written but not yet played by the device.
  • unprepare() :Undo operations done by prepare.
  • close() :Close the device.

All scheduling of samples and timestamps is done in this base class together with GstAudio.AudioBaseSink using a default implementation of a GstAudio.AudioRingBuffer that uses threads.

do_close() virtual
Return type:bool
do_delay() virtual
Return type:int
do_open() virtual
Return type:bool
do_prepare(spec) virtual
Parameters:spec (GstAudio.AudioRingBufferSpec) –
Return type:bool
do_reset() virtual
do_unprepare() virtual
Return type:bool
do_write(data, length) virtual
Return type: