Name Type Access Description
aggregate object r  
clip object r  
create_new_pad object r  
decide_allocation object r  
finish_buffer object r  
fixate_src_caps object r  
flush object r  
get_next_time object r  
negotiated_src_caps object r  
parent_class Gst.ElementClass r  
propose_allocation object r  
sink_event object r  
sink_query object r  
src_activate object r  
src_event object r  
src_query object r  
start object r  
stop object r  
update_src_caps object r  




class GstBase.AggregatorClass

The aggregator base class will handle in a thread-safe way all manners of concurrent flushes, seeks, pad additions and removals, leaving to the subclass the responsibility of clipping buffers, and aggregating buffers in the way the implementor sees fit.

It will also take care of event ordering (stream-start, segment, eos).

Basically, a simple implementation will override aggregate, and call _finish_buffer from inside that function.

New in version 1.14.