Name Type Access Description
buffer Gst.Buffer r/w input data to be parsed for frames.
flags int r/w a combination of input and output GstBase.BaseParseFrameFlags that convey additional context to subclass or allow subclass to tune subsequent GstBase.BaseParse actions.
offset int r/w media specific offset of input frame Note that a converter may have a different one on the frame’s buffer.
out_buffer Gst.Buffer r/w output data.
overhead int r/w subclass can set this to indicates the metadata overhead for the given frame, which is then used to enable more accurate bitrate computations. If this is -1, it is assumed that this frame should be skipped in bitrate calculation.
size int r  


class new (buffer, flags, overhead)
  copy ()
  free ()
  init ()


class GstBase.BaseParseFrame

Frame (context) data passed to each frame parsing virtual methods. In addition to providing the data to be checked for a valid frame or an already identified frame, it conveys additional metadata or control information from and to the subclass w.r.t. the particular frame in question (rather than global parameters). Some of these may apply to each parsing stage, others only to some a particular one. These parameters are effectively zeroed at start of each frame’s processing, i.e. parsing virtual method invocation sequence.

classmethod new(buffer, flags, overhead)[source]
  • buffer (Gst.Buffer) – a Gst.Buffer
  • flags (GstBase.BaseParseFrameFlags) – the flags
  • overhead (int) – number of bytes in this frame which should be counted as metadata overhead, ie. not used to calculate the average bitrate. Set to -1 to mark the entire frame as metadata. If in doubt, set to 0.

a newly-allocated GstBase.BaseParseFrame. Free with when no longer needed.

Return type:


Allocates a new GstBase.BaseParseFrame. This function is mainly for bindings, elements written in C should usually allocate the frame on the stack and then use GstBase.BaseParseFrame.init() to initialise it.

Returns:A copy of self
Return type:GstBase.BaseParseFrame

Copies a GstBase.BaseParseFrame.


Frees the provided self.


Sets a GstBase.BaseParseFrame to initial state. Currently this means all public fields are zero-ed and a private flag is set to make sure only frees the contents but not the actual frame. Use this function to initialise a GstBase.BaseParseFrame allocated on the stack.