Name Type Access Description
accept_caps object r  
before_transform object r  
copy_metadata object r  
decide_allocation object r  
filter_meta object r  
fixate_caps object r  
generate_output object r  
get_unit_size object r  
parent_class Gst.ElementClass r Element parent class
passthrough_on_same_caps bool r If set to True, passthrough mode will be automatically enabled if the caps are the same. Set to False by default.
prepare_output_buffer object r  
propose_allocation object r  
query object r  
set_caps object r  
sink_event object r  
src_event object r  
start object r  
stop object r  
submit_input_buffer object r  
transform object r  
transform_caps object r  
transform_ip object r  
transform_ip_on_passthrough bool r If set to True, transform_ip will be called in passthrough mode. The passed buffer might not be writable. When False, neither transform nor transform_ip will be called in passthrough mode. Set to True by default.
transform_meta object r  
transform_size object r  




class GstBase.BaseTransformClass

Subclasses can override any of the available virtual methods or not, as needed. At minimum either transform or transform_ip need to be overridden. If the element can overwrite the input data with the results (data is of the same type and quantity) it should provide transform_ip.