Name Type Access Description
stamp int r/w a unique stamp to catch invalid iterators
user_data object r/w model-specific data
user_data2 object r/w model-specific data
user_data3 object r/w model-specific data


  copy ()
  free ()


class Gtk.TreeIter

The Gtk.TreeIter is the primary structure for accessing a Gtk.TreeModel. Models are expected to put a unique integer in the stamp member, and put model-specific data in the three user_data members.

Returns:a newly-allocated copy of self
Return type:Gtk.TreeIter

Creates a dynamically allocated tree iterator as a copy of self.

This function is not intended for use in applications, because you can just copy the structs by value (GtkTreeIter new_iter = iter;). You must free this iter with


Frees an iterator that has been allocated by Gtk.TreeIter.copy().

This function is mainly used for language bindings.