Name Type Access Description
dummy1 object r  
dummy2 int r  
dummy3 object r  


  get_subregion ()
  is_end ()
  next ()


class GtkSource.RegionIter

GtkSource.RegionIter is an opaque datatype; ignore all its fields. Initialize the iter with GtkSource.Region.get_start_region_iter().

New in version 3.22.

Returns:True if start and end have been set successfully (if non-None), or False if self is the end iterator or if the region is empty.
start:iterator to initialize with the subregion start, or None.
end:iterator to initialize with the subregion end, or None.
Return type:(bool, start: Gtk.TextIter, end: Gtk.TextIter)

Gets the subregion at this iterator.

New in version 3.22.

Returns:whether self is the end iterator.
Return type:bool

New in version 3.22.

Returns:True if self moved and is dereferenceable, or False if self has been set to the end iterator.
Return type:bool

Moves self to the next subregion.

New in version 3.22.