Name Type Access Description
language Pango.Language r/w a Pango.Language.
n_other_features int r/w length of other_features, or 0.
n_static_gpos_features int r/w length of static_gpos_features, or 0.
n_static_gsub_features int r/w length of static_gsub_features, or 0.
other_features PangoOT.FeatureMap r/w map of extra features to add to both GSUB and GPOS, or None. Unlike the static maps, this pointer need not live beyond the life of function calls taking this struct.
script Pango.Script r/w a Pango.Script.
static_gpos_features PangoOT.FeatureMap r/w static map of GPOS features, or None.
static_gsub_features PangoOT.FeatureMap r/w static map of GSUB features, or None.


  equal (desc2)
  free ()
  hash ()


class PangoOT.RulesetDescription

The PangoOT.Ruleset structure holds all the information needed to build a complete PangoOT.Ruleset from an OpenType font. The main use of this struct is to act as the key for a per-font hash of rulesets. The user populates a ruleset description and gets the ruleset using PangoOT.Ruleset.get_for_description() or create a new one using PangoOT.Ruleset.new_from_description().

New in version 1.18.

Parameters:desc2 (PangoOT.RulesetDescription) – a ruleset description
Returns:True if two ruleset descriptions are identical, False otherwise.
Return type:bool

Compares two ruleset descriptions for equality. Two ruleset descriptions are considered equal if the rulesets they describe are provably identical. This means that their script, language, and all feature sets should be equal. For static feature sets, the array addresses are compared directly, while for other features, the list of features is compared one by one. (Two ruleset descriptions may result in identical rulesets being created, but still compare False.)

New in version 1.18.


Frees a ruleset description allocated by pango_ot_ruleset_description_copy().

New in version 1.18.

Returns:the hash value.
Return type:int

Computes a hash of a PangoOT.RulesetDescription structure suitable to be used, for example, as an argument to g_hash_table_new().

New in version 1.18.