Name Type Access Description
cols int r/w number of columns in the layout grid.
current_col int r/w column of the specific Wnck.Workspace, starting from 0.
current_row int r/w row of the specific Wnck.Workspace, starting from 0.
grid int r/w array of size grid_area containing the index (starting from 0) of the Wnck.Workspace for each position in the layout grid, or -1 if the position does not correspond to any Wnck.Workspace.
grid_area int r/w size of the grid containing all Wnck.Workspace. This can be bigger than the number of Wnck.Workspace because the grid might not be filled.
rows int r/w number of rows in the layout grid.




class Wnck.WorkspaceLayout

The Wnck.WorkspaceLayout struct contains information about the layout of Wnck.Workspace on a Wnck.Screen, and the exact position of a specific Wnck.Workspace.

New in version 2.12.

Deprecated since version 2.20.