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Inherited:GES.Clip (2), GES.Container (1), GES.TimelineElement (9)
Name Type Flags Short Description
vtype GES.VideoStandardTransitionType r/w/c The SMPTE video wipe to use, or 0 for crossfade


Inherited:GES.Container (2), GES.TimelineElement (1), GObject.Object (1), GES.MetaContainer (1)
Name Type Access Description
parent GES.BaseTransitionClip r  
vtype GES.VideoStandardTransitionType r a GES.VideoStandardTransitionType indicating the type of video transition to apply.

Class Details

class GES.TransitionClip(**kwargs)

Creates an object that mixes together the two underlying objects, A and B. The A object is assumed to have a higher prioirity (lower number) than the B object. At the transition in point, only A will be visible, and by the end only B will be visible.

The shape of the video transition depends on the value of the “vtype” property. The default value is “crossfade”. For audio, only “crossfade” is supported.

The ID of the ExtractableType is the nickname of the vtype property value. Note that this value can be changed after creation and the GES.Extractable.asset value will be updated when needed.

classmethod new(vtype)[source]
Parameters:vtype (GES.VideoStandardTransitionType) – the type of transition to create
Returns:a newly created GES.TransitionClip, or None if something went wrong.
Return type:GES.TransitionClip or None

Creates a new GES.TransitionClip.

classmethod new_for_nick(nick)[source]
Parameters:nick (str) – a string representing the type of transition to create
Returns:The newly created GES.TransitionClip, or None if something went wrong
Return type:GES.TransitionClip or None

Creates a new GES.TransitionClip for the provided nick.

Property Details

Default Value:GES.VideoStandardTransitionType.CROSSFADE

a GES.VideoStandardTransitionType representing the wipe to use