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Subclasses:GES.ImageSource, GES.MultiFileSource, GES.TitleSource, GES.VideoTestSource, GES.VideoUriSource


Inherited:GES.TrackElement (2), GES.TimelineElement (1), GObject.Object (1), GES.MetaContainer (1)
Name Type Access Description
parent GES.Source r  

Class Details

class GES.VideoSource(**kwargs)
Children Properties:

You can use the following children properties through the #ges_track_element_set_child_property and alike set of methods:

double alpha The desired alpha for the stream.

int posx The desired x position for the stream.

int posy The desired y position for the stream

int width The desired width for that source. Set to 0 if size is not mandatory, will be set to width of the current track.

int height The desired height for that source. Set to 0 if size is not mandatory, will be set to height of the current track.

‘GstDeinterlaceModes [GstDeinterlaceModes]’ deinterlace-mode Deinterlace Mode

‘GstDeinterlaceFields [GstDeinterlaceFields]’ deinterlace-fields Fields to use for deinterlacing

‘GstDeinterlaceFieldLayout [GstDeinterlaceFieldLayout]’ deinterlace-tff Deinterlace top field first