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Subclasses:GES.ImageSource, GES.MultiFileSource, GES.TitleSource, GES.VideoTestSource, GES.VideoUriSource


Inherited:GES.TrackElement (2), GES.TimelineElement (3), GObject.Object (1), GES.MetaContainer (1)
Name Type Access Description
parent GES.Source r  

Class Details

class GES.VideoSource(**kwargs)

Base class for video sources

Returns:True if the object has a natural size, False otherwise.
width:The natural width of the underlying source
height:The natural height of the underlying source
Return type:(bool, width: int, height: int)

Retrieves the natural size of the video stream. The natural size, is the size at which it will be displayed if no scaling is being applied.

NOTE: The sources take into account the potential video rotation applied by the #videoflip element that is inside the source, effects applied on the clip which potentially also rotate the element are not taken into account.

New in version 1.18.