class new (checksum_type)
class type_get_length (checksum_type)
  copy ()
  free ()
  get_string ()
  reset ()
  update (data)


class GLib.Checksum

An opaque structure representing a checksumming operation. To create a new GLib.Checksum, use To free a GLib.Checksum, use

New in version 2.16.

classmethod new(checksum_type)[source]
Parameters:checksum_type (GLib.ChecksumType) – the desired type of checksum
Returns:the newly created GLib.Checksum, or None. Use to free the memory allocated by it.
Return type:GLib.Checksum

Creates a new GLib.Checksum, using the checksum algorithm checksum_type. If the checksum_type is not known, None is returned. A GLib.Checksum can be used to compute the checksum, or digest, of an arbitrary binary blob, using different hashing algorithms.

A GLib.Checksum works by feeding a binary blob through GLib.Checksum.update() until there is data to be checked; the digest can then be extracted using GLib.Checksum.get_string(), which will return the checksum as a hexadecimal string; or g_checksum_get_digest(), which will return a vector of raw bytes. Once either GLib.Checksum.get_string() or g_checksum_get_digest() have been called on a GLib.Checksum, the checksum will be closed and it won’t be possible to call GLib.Checksum.update() on it anymore.

New in version 2.16.

classmethod type_get_length(checksum_type)[source]
Parameters:checksum_type (GLib.ChecksumType) – a GLib.ChecksumType
Returns:the checksum length, or -1 if checksum_type is not supported.
Return type:int

Gets the length in bytes of digests of type checksum_type

New in version 2.16.

Returns:the copy of the passed GLib.Checksum. Use when finished using it.
Return type:GLib.Checksum

Copies a GLib.Checksum. If self has been closed, by calling GLib.Checksum.get_string() or g_checksum_get_digest(), the copied checksum will be closed as well.

New in version 2.16.


Frees the memory allocated for self.

New in version 2.16.

Returns:the hexadecimal representation of the checksum. The returned string is owned by the checksum and should not be modified or freed.
Return type:str

Gets the digest as a hexadecimal string.

Once this function has been called the GLib.Checksum can no longer be updated with GLib.Checksum.update().

The hexadecimal characters will be lower case.

New in version 2.16.


Resets the state of the self back to its initial state.

New in version 2.18.

Parameters:data (bytes) – buffer used to compute the checksum

Feeds data into an existing GLib.Checksum. The checksum must still be open, that is GLib.Checksum.get_string() or g_checksum_get_digest() must not have been called on self.

New in version 2.16.