Name Type Access Description
itype GObject.GType r/w The interface/instance type that this signal can be emitted for.
n_params int r/w The number of parameters that user callbacks take.
param_types [GObject.GType] r/w The individual parameter types for user callbacks, note that the effective callback signature is: .. code-block:: c @return_type callback (#gpointer data1, [param_types param_names,] gpointer data2);
return_type GObject.GType r/w The return type for user callbacks.
signal_flags GObject.SignalFlags r/w The signal flags as passed in to GObject.signal_new().
signal_id int r/w The signal id of the signal being queried, or 0 if the signal to be queried was unknown.
signal_name str r/w The signal name.




class GObject.SignalQuery

A structure holding in-depth information for a specific signal. It is filled in by the GObject.signal_query() function.