Name Type Access Description
grab_window Gdk.Window r/w If this event is caused by another grab in the same application, grab_window contains the new grab window. Otherwise grab_window is None.
implicit bool r/w True if the broken grab was implicit
keyboard bool r/w True if a keyboard grab was broken, False if a pointer grab was broken
send_event int r/w True if the event was sent explicitly.
type Gdk.EventType r/w the type of the event (Gdk.EventType.GRAB_BROKEN)
window Gdk.Window r/w the window which received the event, i.e. the window that previously owned the grab




class Gdk.EventGrabBroken

Generated when a pointer or keyboard grab is broken. On X11, this happens when the grab window becomes unviewable (i.e. it or one of its ancestors is unmapped), or if the same application grabs the pointer or keyboard again. Note that implicit grabs (which are initiated by button presses) can also cause Gdk.EventGrabBroken events.

New in version 2.8.