Name Type Access Description
group int r/w the pad group the ring/strip belongs to. A Gdk.InputSource.TABLET_PAD device may have one or more groups containing a set of buttons/rings/strips each.
index int r/w number of strip/ring that was interacted. This number is 0-indexed.
mode int r/w The current mode of group. Different groups in a Gdk.InputSource.TABLET_PAD device may have different current modes.
send_event int r/w True if the event was sent explicitly.
time int r/w the time of the event in milliseconds.
type Gdk.EventType r/w the type of the event (Gdk.EventType.PAD_RING or Gdk.EventType.PAD_STRIP).
value float r/w The current value for the given axis.
window Gdk.Window r/w the window which received the event.




class Gdk.EventPadAxis

Generated during Gdk.InputSource.TABLET_PAD interaction with tactile sensors.

New in version 3.22.