Name Type Access Description
property Gdk.Atom r/w the property in which to place the result of the conversion.
requestor Gdk.Window r/w the window on which to place property or None if none.
selection Gdk.Atom r/w the selection.
send_event int r/w True if the event was sent explicitly.
target Gdk.Atom r/w the target to which the selection should be converted.
time int r/w the time of the event in milliseconds.
type Gdk.EventType r/w the type of the event (Gdk.EventType.SELECTION_CLEAR, Gdk.EventType.SELECTION_NOTIFY or Gdk.EventType.SELECTION_REQUEST).
window Gdk.Window r/w the window which received the event.




class Gdk.EventSelection

Generated when a selection is requested or ownership of a selection is taken over by another client application.