class implement (extension_point_name, type, extension_name, priority)
class lookup (name)
class register (name)
  get_extension_by_name (name)
  get_extensions ()
  get_required_type ()
  set_required_type (type)


class Gio.IOExtensionPoint

Gio.IOExtensionPoint is an opaque data structure and can only be accessed using the following functions.

classmethod implement(extension_point_name, type, extension_name, priority)[source]
  • extension_point_name (str) – the name of the extension point
  • type (GObject.GType) – the GObject.GType to register as extension
  • extension_name (str) – the name for the extension
  • priority (int) – the priority for the extension

a Gio.IOExtension object for GObject.GType

Return type:


Registers type as extension for the extension point with name extension_point_name.

If type has already been registered as an extension for this extension point, the existing Gio.IOExtension object is returned.

classmethod lookup(name)[source]
Parameters:name (str) – the name of the extension point
Returns:the Gio.IOExtensionPoint, or None if there is no registered extension point with the given name.
Return type:Gio.IOExtensionPoint

Looks up an existing extension point.

classmethod register(name)[source]
Parameters:name (str) – The name of the extension point
Returns:the new Gio.IOExtensionPoint. This object is owned by GIO and should not be freed.
Return type:Gio.IOExtensionPoint

Registers an extension point.

Parameters:name (str) – the name of the extension to get
Returns:the Gio.IOExtension for self that has the given name, or None if there is no extension with that name
Return type:Gio.IOExtension

Finds a Gio.IOExtension for an extension point by name.

Returns:a GLib.List of Gio.IOExtensions. The list is owned by GIO and should not be modified.
Return type:[Gio.IOExtension]

Gets a list of all extensions that implement this extension point. The list is sorted by priority, beginning with the highest priority.

Returns:the GObject.GType that all implementations must have, or GObject.TYPE_INVALID if the extension point has no required type
Return type:GObject.GType

Gets the required type for self.

Parameters:type (GObject.GType) – the GObject.GType to require

Sets the required type for self to type. All implementations must henceforth have this type.