Name Type Access Description
add_element object r  
deep_element_added object r  
deep_element_removed object r  
do_latency object r  
element_added object r  
element_removed object r  
handle_message object r  
parent_class Gst.ElementClass r bin parent class
pool GLib.ThreadPool r  
remove_element object r  




class Gst.BinClass

Subclasses can override the add_element and remove_element to update the list of children in the bin.

The handle_message method can be overridden to implement custom message handling. handle_message takes ownership of the message, just like Gst.Element.post_message.

The deep_element_added vfunc will be called when a new element has been added to any bin inside this bin, so it will also be called if a new child was added to a sub-bin of this bin. Gst.Bin implementations that override this message should chain up to the parent class implementation so the Gst.Bin ::deep-element-added signal is emitted on all parents.