Name Type Access Description
duration int r/w duration, or Gst.CLOCK_TIME_NONE
parent Gst.Meta r/w the parent Gst.Meta structure
reference Gst.Caps r/w identifier for the timestamp reference.
timestamp int r/w timestamp


class get_info ()


class Gst.ReferenceTimestampMeta

Gst.ReferenceTimestampMeta can be used to attach alternative timestamps and possibly durations to a Gst.Buffer. These are generally not according to the pipeline clock and could be e.g. the NTP timestamp when the media was captured.

The reference is stored as a Gst.Caps in reference. Examples of valid references would be “timestamp/x-drivername-stream” for timestamps that are locally generated by some driver named “drivername” when generating the stream, e.g. based on a frame counter, or “timestamp/x-ntp,, port=123” for timestamps based on a specific NTP server.

New in version 1.14.

classmethod get_info()[source]
Returns:The Gst.MetaInfo
Return type:Gst.MetaInfo

Get the global Gst.MetaInfo describing the Gst.ReferenceTimestampMeta meta.

New in version 1.14.