Name Type Access Description
data object r/w The data used by the caller of the typefinding function.
get_length object r  
peek object r  
suggest object r  


class register (plugin, name, rank, func, extensions, possible_caps, *data)


class Gst.TypeFind

The following functions allow you to detect the media type of an unknown stream.

classmethod register(plugin, name, rank, func, extensions, possible_caps, *data)[source]
  • plugin (Gst.Plugin or None) – A Gst.Plugin, or None for a static typefind function
  • name (str) – The name for registering
  • rank (int) – The rank (or importance) of this typefind function
  • func (Gst.TypeFindFunction) – The Gst.TypeFindFunction to use
  • extensions (str or None) – Optional comma-separated list of extensions that could belong to this type
  • possible_caps (Gst.Caps or None) – Optionally the caps that could be returned when typefinding succeeds
  • data (object or None) – Optional user data. This user data must be available until the plugin is unloaded.

True on success, False otherwise

Return type:


Registers a new typefind function to be used for typefinding. After registering this function will be available for typefinding. This function is typically called during an element’s plugin initialization.