g Atk.ImplementorIface Atk.ImplementorIface Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget Atk.ImplementorIface->Gtk.Widget GObject.GInterface GObject.GInterface GObject.GInterface->Atk.ImplementorIface Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable GObject.GInterface->Gtk.Buildable GObject.InitiallyUnowned GObject.InitiallyUnowned GObject.InitiallyUnowned->Gtk.Widget GObject.Object GObject.Object GObject.Object->GObject.InitiallyUnowned Gtk.ActionBar Gtk.ActionBar Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin->Gtk.ActionBar Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Container Gtk.Container Gtk.Container->Gtk.Bin Gtk.Widget->Gtk.Container




Inherited:Gtk.Container (3), Gtk.Widget (39)

Child Properties

Name Type Default Flags Short Description
pack-type Gtk.PackType Gtk.PackType.START r/w A Gtk.PackType indicating whether the child is packed with reference to the start or end of the parent
position int 0 r/w The index of the child in the parent

Style Properties

Inherited:Gtk.Widget (17)


Inherited:Gtk.Container (4), Gtk.Widget (69), GObject.Object (1)
Name Type Access Description
bin Gtk.Bin r  

Class Details

class Gtk.ActionBar(**kwargs)

Gtk.ActionBar is designed to present contextual actions. It is expected to be displayed below the content and expand horizontally to fill the area.

It allows placing children at the start or the end. In addition, it contains an internal centered box which is centered with respect to the full width of the box, even if the children at either side take up different amounts of space.

CSS nodes

Gtk.ActionBar has a single CSS node with name actionbar.

classmethod new()[source]
Returns:a new Gtk.ActionBar
Return type:Gtk.Widget

Creates a new Gtk.ActionBar widget.

New in version 3.12.

Returns:the center Gtk.Widget or None.
Return type:Gtk.Widget or None

Retrieves the center bar widget of the bar.

New in version 3.12.

Parameters:child (Gtk.Widget) – the Gtk.Widget to be added to self

Adds child to self, packed with reference to the end of the self.

New in version 3.12.

Parameters:child (Gtk.Widget) – the Gtk.Widget to be added to self

Adds child to self, packed with reference to the start of the self.

New in version 3.12.

Parameters:center_widget (Gtk.Widget or None) – a widget to use for the center

Sets the center widget for the Gtk.ActionBar.

New in version 3.12.