Name Type Access Description
binding_set Gtk.BindingSet r/w binding set this entry belongs to
destroyed int r/w implementation detail
hash_next Gtk.BindingEntry r/w implementation detail
in_emission int r/w implementation detail
keyval int r/w key value to match
marks_unbound int r/w implementation detail
modifiers Gdk.ModifierType r/w key modifiers to match
set_next Gtk.BindingEntry r/w linked list of entries maintained by binding set
signals Gtk.BindingSignal r/w action signals of this entry


class add_signal_from_string (binding_set, signal_desc)
class add_signall (binding_set, keyval, modifiers, signal_name, binding_args)
class remove (binding_set, keyval, modifiers)
class skip (binding_set, keyval, modifiers)


class Gtk.BindingEntry

Each key binding element of a binding sets binding list is represented by a Gtk.BindingEntry.

classmethod add_signal_from_string(binding_set, signal_desc)[source]

GLib.TokenType.NONE if the signal was successfully parsed and added, the expected token otherwise

Return type:


Parses a signal description from signal_desc and incorporates it into binding_set.

Signal descriptions may either bind a key combination to one or more signals:

bind "key" {
  "signalname" (param, ...)

Or they may also unbind a key combination:

unbind "key"

Key combinations must be in a format that can be parsed by Gtk.accelerator_parse().

New in version 3.0.

classmethod add_signall(binding_set, keyval, modifiers, signal_name, binding_args)[source]

Override or install a new key binding for keyval with modifiers on binding_set.

classmethod remove(binding_set, keyval, modifiers)[source]

Remove a binding previously installed via gtk_binding_entry_add_signal() on binding_set.

classmethod skip(binding_set, keyval, modifiers)[source]

Install a binding on binding_set which causes key lookups to be aborted, to prevent bindings from lower priority sets to be activated.

New in version 2.12.