Name Type Access Description
activate object r  
editing_canceled object r  
editing_started object r  
get_aligned_area object r  
get_preferred_height object r  
get_preferred_height_for_width object r  
get_preferred_width object r  
get_preferred_width_for_height object r  
get_request_mode object r  
get_size object r  
parent_class GObject.InitiallyUnownedClass r  
render object r  
start_editing object r  


  set_accessible_type (type)


class Gtk.CellRendererClass
Parameters:type (GObject.GType) – The object type that implements the accessible for widget_class. The type must be a subtype of Gtk.RendererCellAccessible

Sets the type to be used for creating accessibles for cells rendered by cell renderers of self. Note that multiple accessibles will be created.

This function should only be called from class init functions of cell renderers.