Name Type Access Description
app_exec str r/w command line used to launch this resource; may contain the “\%f” and “\%u” escape characters which will be expanded to the resource file path and URI respectively when the command line is retrieved;
app_name str r/w the name of the application that is registering this recently used resource;
description str r/w a UTF-8 encoded string, containing a short description of the resource, or None;
display_name str r/w a UTF-8 encoded string, containing the name of the recently used resource to be displayed, or None;
groups [str] r/w a vector of strings containing groups names;
is_private bool r/w whether this resource should be displayed only by the applications that have registered it or not.
mime_type str r/w the MIME type of the resource;




class Gtk.RecentData

Meta-data to be passed to Gtk.RecentManager.add_full() when registering a recently used resource.