Name Type Access Description
appearance Gtk.TextAppearance r/w Gtk.TextAppearance for text.
bg_full_height int r/w Background is fit to full line height rather than baseline +/- ascent/descent (font height).
direction Gtk.TextDirection r/w Gtk.TextDirection for text.
editable int r/w Can edit this text.
font Pango.FontDescription r/w Pango.FontDescription for text.
font_scale float r/w Font scale factor.
indent int r/w Amount to indent the paragraph, in pixels.
invisible int r/w Hide the text.
justification Gtk.Justification r/w Gtk.Justification for text.
language Pango.Language r/w Pango.Language for text.
left_margin int r/w Width of the left margin in pixels.
letter_spacing int r/w Extra space to insert between graphemes, in Pango units
no_fallback int r/w Whether to disable font fallback.
pg_bg_color Gdk.Color r  
pg_bg_rgba Gdk.RGBA r  
pixels_above_lines int r/w Pixels of blank space above paragraphs.
pixels_below_lines int r/w Pixels of blank space below paragraphs.
pixels_inside_wrap int r/w Pixels of blank space between wrapped lines in a paragraph.
refcount int r  
right_margin int r/w Width of the right margin in pixels.
tabs Pango.TabArray r/w Custom Pango.TabArray for this text.
wrap_mode Gtk.WrapMode r/w Gtk.WrapMode for text.


class new ()
  copy ()
  copy_values (dest)
  ref ()
  unref ()


class Gtk.TextAttributes

Using Gtk.TextAttributes directly should rarely be necessary. It’s primarily useful with Gtk.TextIter.get_attributes(). As with most GTK+ structs, the fields in this struct should only be read, never modified directly.

classmethod new()[source]
Returns:a new Gtk.TextAttributes, free with Gtk.TextAttributes.unref().
Return type:Gtk.TextAttributes

Creates a Gtk.TextAttributes, which describes a set of properties on some text.

Returns:a copy of self, free with Gtk.TextAttributes.unref()
Return type:Gtk.TextAttributes

Copies self and returns a new Gtk.TextAttributes.

Parameters:dest (Gtk.TextAttributes) – another Gtk.TextAttributes

Copies the values from self to dest so that dest has the same values as self. Frees existing values in dest.

Returns:the Gtk.TextAttributes that were passed in
Return type:Gtk.TextAttributes

Increments the reference count on self.


Decrements the reference count on self, freeing the structure if the reference count reaches 0.