g Atk.ImplementorIface Atk.ImplementorIface Gtk.Widget Gtk.Widget Atk.ImplementorIface->Gtk.Widget GObject.GInterface GObject.GInterface GObject.GInterface->Atk.ImplementorIface Gtk.Actionable Gtk.Actionable GObject.GInterface->Gtk.Actionable Gtk.Activatable Gtk.Activatable GObject.GInterface->Gtk.Activatable Gtk.Buildable Gtk.Buildable GObject.GInterface->Gtk.Buildable GObject.InitiallyUnowned GObject.InitiallyUnowned GObject.InitiallyUnowned->Gtk.Widget GObject.Object GObject.Object GObject.Object->GObject.InitiallyUnowned Gtk.ToolButton Gtk.ToolButton Gtk.Actionable->Gtk.ToolButton Gtk.ToolItem Gtk.ToolItem Gtk.Activatable->Gtk.ToolItem Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin Gtk.Bin->Gtk.ToolItem Gtk.Buildable->Gtk.Widget Gtk.Container Gtk.Container Gtk.Container->Gtk.Bin Gtk.ToggleToolButton Gtk.ToggleToolButton Gtk.ToolButton->Gtk.ToggleToolButton Gtk.ToolItem->Gtk.ToolButton Gtk.Widget->Gtk.Container



Inherited:Gtk.ToolButton (6), Gtk.ToolItem (3), Gtk.Container (3), Gtk.Widget (39), Gtk.Activatable (2), Gtk.Actionable (2)
Name Type Flags Short Description
active bool r/w/en If the toggle button should be pressed in

Style Properties

Inherited:Gtk.ToolButton (1), Gtk.Widget (17)


Inherited:Gtk.ToolButton (1), Gtk.ToolItem (2), Gtk.Container (4), Gtk.Widget (69), GObject.Object (1)
Name Short Description
toggled Emitted whenever the toggle tool button changes state.


Inherited:Gtk.ToolButton (1), Gtk.ToolItem (2), Gtk.Container (4), Gtk.Widget (69), GObject.Object (1)
Name Type Access Description
parent Gtk.ToolButton r  

Class Details

class Gtk.ToggleToolButton(*args, **kwargs)

A Gtk.ToggleToolButton is a Gtk.ToolItem that contains a toggle button.

Use to create a new Gtk.ToggleToolButton.

CSS nodes

Gtk.ToggleToolButton has a single CSS node with name togglebutton.

classmethod new()[source]
Returns:a newly created Gtk.ToggleToolButton
Return type:Gtk.ToolItem

Returns a new Gtk.ToggleToolButton

New in version 2.4.

classmethod new_from_stock(stock_id)[source]
Parameters:stock_id (str) – the name of the stock item
Returns:A new Gtk.ToggleToolButton
Return type:Gtk.ToolItem

Creates a new Gtk.ToggleToolButton containing the image and text from a stock item. Some stock ids have preprocessor macros like Gtk.STOCK_OK and Gtk.STOCK_APPLY.

It is an error if stock_id is not a name of a stock item.

New in version 2.4.

Deprecated since version 3.10: Use instead.

Returns:True if the toggle tool button is pressed in, False if not
Return type:bool

Queries a Gtk.ToggleToolButton and returns its current state. Returns True if the toggle button is pressed in and False if it is raised.

New in version 2.4.

Parameters:is_active (bool) – whether self should be active

Sets the status of the toggle tool button. Set to True if you want the Gtk.ToggleButton to be “pressed in”, and False to raise it. This action causes the toggled signal to be emitted.

New in version 2.4.

do_toggled() virtual

Signal Details

Signal Name:toggled
Parameters:toggle_tool_button (Gtk.ToggleToolButton) – The object which received the signal

Emitted whenever the toggle tool button changes state.

Property Details
Default Value:False

If the toggle tool button should be pressed in.

New in version 2.8.