Class Details

class Gtk.TreeModelRowIter(model, aiter)

A Gtk.TreeModelRowIter is an object that implements the Python Iterator protocol. It provides the means to iterate over a set of Gtk.TreeModelRow objects in a Gtk.TreeModel. A Gtk.TreeModelRowIter is created by calling the Python iter() function on a Gtk.TreeModel object:

treemodelrowiter = iter(treestore)

or, calling the Gtk.TreeModelRow.iterchildren() method to iterate over its child rows.

Each time you call the next() method it returns the next sibling Gtk.TreeModelRow. When there are no rows left the StopIteration exception is raised. Note that a Gtk.TreeModelRowIter does not iterate over the child rows of the rows it is iterating over. You’ll have to use the Gtk.TreeModelRow.iterchildren() method to retrieve an iterator for the child rows.


Returns the next Gtk.TreeModelRow