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Style Properties

Inherited:Gtk.Dialog (4), Gtk.Window (2), Gtk.Widget (17)


Inherited:Gtk.Dialog (2), Gtk.Window (5), Gtk.Container (4), Gtk.Widget (69), GObject.Object (1)
Name Type Access Description
parent Gtk.Dialog r  

Class Details

class RB.ShellPreferences(*args, **kwargs)
classmethod new(views)
Parameters:views ([RB.Source]) – list of sources to check for preferences pages
Returns:the RB.ShellPreferences instance
Return type:Gtk.Widget

Creates the RB.ShellPreferences instance, populating it with the preferences pages for the sources in the list.

add_widget(widget, location, expand, fill)
  • widget (Gtk.Widget) – the Gtk.Widget to insert into the preferences window
  • location (RB.ShellPrefsUILocation) – the location at which to insert the widget
  • expand (bool) – whether the widget should be given extra space
  • fill (bool) – whether the widget should fill all space allocated to it

Adds a widget to the preferences window. See Gtk.Box.pack_start for details on how the expand and fill parameters work. This function can be used to add widgets to the ‘general’ and ‘playback’ pages.

append_page(name, widget)
  • name (str) – name of the page to append
  • widget (Gtk.Widget) – the Gtk.Widget to use as the contents of the page

Appends a new page to the preferences dialog notebook.

remove_widget(widget, location)

Removes a widget added with RB.ShellPreferences.add_widget from the preferences window.