Name Type Access Description
g_instance_type GObject.GType r  
g_type GObject.GType r  


class add_prerequisite (interface_type, prerequisite_type)
class get_plugin (instance_type, interface_type)
class peek (instance_class, iface_type)
class prerequisites (interface_type)
  peek_parent ()


class GObject.TypeInterface

An opaque structure used as the base of all interface types.

classmethod add_prerequisite(interface_type, prerequisite_type)[source]

Adds prerequisite_type to the list of prerequisites of interface_type. This means that any type implementing interface_type must also implement prerequisite_type. Prerequisites can be thought of as an alternative to interface derivation (which GObject.GType doesn’t support). An interface can have at most one instantiatable prerequisite type.

classmethod get_plugin(instance_type, interface_type)[source]

the GObject.TypePlugin for the dynamic interface interface_type of instance_type

Return type:


Returns the GObject.TypePlugin structure for the dynamic interface interface_type which has been added to instance_type, or None if interface_type has not been added to instance_type or does not have a GObject.TypePlugin structure. See GObject.type_add_interface_dynamic().

classmethod peek(instance_class, iface_type)[source]

the GObject.TypeInterface structure of iface_type if implemented by instance_class, None otherwise

Return type:


Returns the GObject.TypeInterface structure of an interface to which the passed in class conforms.

classmethod prerequisites(interface_type)[source]
Parameters:interface_type (GObject.GType) – an interface type
Returns:a newly-allocated zero-terminated array of GObject.GType containing the prerequisites of interface_type
Return type:[GObject.GType]

Returns the prerequisites of an interfaces type.

New in version 2.2.

Returns:the corresponding GObject.TypeInterface structure of the parent type of the instance type to which self belongs, or None if the parent type doesn’t conform to the interface
Return type:GObject.TypeInterface

Returns the corresponding GObject.TypeInterface structure of the parent type of the instance type to which self belongs. This is useful when deriving the implementation of an interface from the parent type and then possibly overriding some methods.