Name Type Access Description
can_poll object r  
create_source object r  
g_iface GObject.TypeInterface r The parent interface.
is_writable object r  
write_nonblocking object r  
writev_nonblocking object r  




class Gio.PollableOutputStreamInterface

The interface for pollable output streams.

The default implementation of can_poll always returns True.

The default implementation of write_nonblocking calls Gio.PollableOutputStream.is_writable(), and then calls Gio.OutputStream.write() if it returns True. This means you only need to override it if it is possible that your is_writable implementation may return True when the stream is not actually writable.

The default implementation of writev_nonblocking calls Gio.PollableOutputStream.write_nonblocking() for each vector, and converts its return value and error (if set) to a Gio.PollableReturn. You should override this where possible to avoid having to allocate a GLib.Error to return Gio.IOErrorEnum.WOULD_BLOCK.

New in version 2.28.