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Subclasses:Gtk.HSeparator, Gtk.VSeparator


Inherited:Gtk.Widget (39), Gtk.Orientable (1)

Style Properties

Inherited:Gtk.Widget (17)


Inherited:Gtk.Widget (69), GObject.Object (1)
Name Type Access Description
widget Gtk.Widget r  

Class Details

class Gtk.Separator(**kwargs)
Bases:Gtk.Widget, Gtk.Orientable

Gtk.Separator is a horizontal or vertical separator widget, depending on the value of the Gtk.Orientable :orientation property, used to group the widgets within a window. It displays a line with a shadow to make it appear sunken into the interface.

CSS nodes

Gtk.Separator has a single CSS node with name separator. The node gets one of the .horizontal or .vertical style classes.

classmethod new(orientation)[source]
Parameters:orientation (Gtk.Orientation) – the separator’s orientation.
Returns:a new Gtk.Separator.
Return type:Gtk.Widget

Creates a new Gtk.Separator with the given orientation.

New in version 3.0.