PyPy & PyGObject

You can now run applications using PyGObject with PyPy. This requires PyPy(2/3) 5.10+ and (for now) PyGObject master and makes it possible to use libraries such as GTK+, GStreamer and WebKitGTK+ with PyPy.


Things are currently slower and use more memory than with CPython. I have only focused on getting the pycairo and pygobject test suites to pass for now.

First we set up the basics with PyPy3:

./pypy3/bin/pypy -m venv _venv
source _venv/bin/activate
python -m pip install pycairo  # pycairo also supports PyPy now
python -m pip install git+

Let’s try the first GTK+ example from the PyGObject tutorial:


Something more complex, a music player written in Python:

python -m pip install mutagen feedparser
git clone
python quodlibet/quodlibet/

And finally, an interactive matplotlib example:

python -m pip install matplotlib
curl -O

Everything just works 😁

If something doesn’t please file a bug: